viernes, 8 de julio de 2005

(Sin palabras)

Hi Troy,

I'm fine, I was on the tube that was bombed at Kings Cross, but I’m okay! It was very scary when it happened, cant believe that I have walked away totally unhurt! I luckily got on the 2nd carriage rather than the 1st carriage (where the bomb was), which is so strange as I get on the 1st carriage without fail every day and yesterday for some strange reason decided to move further down the platform instead. I cant believe that one split second decision can save your life!!!

It was so scary when it happened, a big bang, everyone thrown forward, then all the lights went out and we were thrown into darkness and the carriage started filling with smoke/ soot. Everyone started screaming and the air fans stopped, the tanoy was dead, a few emergency lights came on. The carriage continued to fill with smoke so everyone was worried we wouldn't have enough air, some people tried to open the doors but could only get them open more than 5 inches. The carriage next to ours smashed all their windows to let air in, I wish that we had too! It was so dark I could only see the few people immediately around me who looked like they were crying then I realized it was the smoke. It was the feeling of being completely trapped, even if we opened the doors we couldn’t get out as we were in the narrowest part of the tunnel, and not being able to do anything about the situation that was scary. The carriage in front had everyone screaming and we didn’t know why and what was happening in there, if it was a fire that was going to come to us next or what was going on. We just had to wait for someone to come and save us. We waited about 40 minutes, which felt like an incredibly long time when your carriage is filling with smoke and people are screaming! They eventually evacuated us through the train to the back carriage where we were helped down onto the track, we then walked up through the tunnel back to King Cross, and then helped back up onto the platform. At the time I couldn’t understand why lots of people passing us were covered in blood. One guy seemed to have half of his face missing, it was horrible. At the top it was chaos, sirens, police, ambulances, helicopters everywhere, so many people covered in blood, it was then that I realized the extent of things and that what had caused it was a terrorist bomb.

They were going to evacuate us on a bus to the hospital, however when I heard they had bombed a bus down the road, I thought fuck that, I’m walking!!!! I somehow got completely lost, looking back now I realize I was in shock, and was covered in soot so a group of policemen (evacuated from their station as they had a bomb scare), helped me find my way to my office. I cant believe I have been so lucky to walk away uninjured!

Anyway just to let you know I am fine, a little shook up but I’m okay. Took the day off work today as somehow getting back on a tube didn’t seem that appealing, but not going to let it change anything. You know me, quite practical and calm so not going to let it affect anything, just makes you realize your time can be up at any point, you just have to get on with it and live life to the full.

Hope you’re well,
Take Care
Helen x x

>From: "Troy"
>To: "Helen", "Ndk", "Stu", "Scott"
>Subject: Are you Ok ?
>Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 23:43:53 +0000
>>Helen, Ndk, Stu, Scott,
>>Pls text me on +34 to let me know that you are OK!!!
>I have tried sending a text to you but it's not going thru.
>>Speak soon
>Take care


Blogger Tony Tornado dijo...

Fucking scary... Reminded me of 11-m and my own experience here in Madrid.

8/7/05 15:49  
Blogger Diego Bériot dijo...

Bueno, yo no viví el 11-M en Madrid, estaba en Bélgica...

... pero sí recuerdo cómo me costó contactar con Madrid aquella mañana...

... que la historia se repita y ayer muchos buscáramos gente en Londres me da, lo reconozco, miedo.

Qué injusto todo...

8/7/05 17:35  
Anonymous Eride dijo...

Tú lo has dicho, sin palabras, Troy. Salvo que me alegro de que tu amiga esté ilesa.

9/7/05 02:46  
Anonymous Eride dijo...

La descripción es terrorífica. Me supera.

9/7/05 02:46  
Blogger Pececito dijo...

Como sabes Troy, yo estaba en Londres ese jueves. Y

en ese momento no sientes miedo. Pero lees las historias y recapacitas al paso de las horas... y te acojonas.

Si no hubieramos remoloneado un rato en la cama, quien sabe que habría pasado.

Que injusto es el mundo.

11/7/05 00:16  

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